I Miss This.... Our Jokes!! Our Laughs!! Our Hugs..!! I Love Him Soo Much!!! I Want Him Back!!!!
Spencer: Hey
Me: Hello!!
Spencer: whats up
Me: Writing......
Spencer: t me?
Spencer: *to
Me: No, Not This Time!! (;
Spencer: oh because u give me notes all the time
Me: Yes.... I Know.(;
Spencer: lol
Me: *saved as draft* Because, I Can't Ever Get You Off My Mind.
Spencer: thats funny :D

"I’m Broken, Do You Hear Me? I Am Blinded But You Are Everything I See. I’m Dancing Alone. I’m Praying That Your Heart Will Just Turn Around. As I Walk Up To Your Door, My Head Turns To Face The Floor. ‘Cause I Can’t Look You In The Eyes To Say "When He Opens His Arms And Holds You Close Tonight, It Just WOn’t Feel Right. ‘Cause I Can Love You More Than This.’ "
 ~~ I Love One Direction!!!

Malachi… That One Who’s  A Good Jerk. (;

Malachi… That One Who’s  A Good Jerk. (;

This Is Why I Love Him.... <3
Me: What's Up?
Malachi: nothin u?
Me: Crying And Skyping.
Malachi: :( why are u crying
Me: Because, I Lost The Best Thing In My Life.
Malachi: what?
Me: It's A Person.....
Malachi: Ohhhhh
I'm slow sorryyy
Me: Ya.... It's Fine. Everybody's Slow These Days.
Malachi: Lol he told me he was gonna break up with u and i told him he shouldnt. He wasnt real for sure what to do. I bet i could talk to him about taking you back, if you would like idk

Waking Up In A Hos[ital With  A Bunch Of Needles In My Arms. I Was Only 3.

Mom: When Life You Sends You Lemons, Make Grape Juice And Explain How You Did It.
Me: When Life Gives You Zayn Malik, Make Babies And Explain How You Got In His Pants.
Mom: Who’s That?
Me: What’s Grape Juice?